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The Impressio Wall Panel combines the acoustic benefits of polyester felt with the creative possibilities of digital printing. AKUSTUS’ proprietary Felt Print technique produces prints with vivid colours on polyester felt without clogging up the pores that give the panels their sound-absorbing effect. Print a logo, a piece of artwork, a photo or a texture on to the panel and mount it to the wall. In a conference room or in the waiting room, these wall panels will complement the look and sounds of whatever space you place them in.

Product Info




100% recyclable

LBC Red List free

Contributes to LEED certification

Free of toxic substances and of off-gassing

Made with ~60% recycled content from plastic water bottles


100% polyester fibre

Fire Rating


ASTM E84 Class A


Acoustic Properties


0.40 (Wall Panel), 0.80 (Box Panel)


0.39 (Wall Panel), 0.80 (Box Panel)

VOC Emissions

CDPH (CA 01350)

File Downloads

Everything from vibrant hues to muted neutrals, find it in our standard selection of colours.

* Only available in 9mm and 18mm

** Only available in 12mm and 24mm


We offer the following textures as suggestions, but they're only the beginning to what you could print.

color test 4.png

Millennium Stones

color test 4.png

Ebony Oak

color test 4.png


color test 4.png

Arizona Red Brick

color test 4.png

Golden Oak

color test 4.png


color test 4.png

Dover White Brick

color test 4.png

Greige Oak

color test 4.png

White Oak

color test 4.png

Cafe Oak

color test 4.png

Silver Oak

Edge Options

The following edge options are available for Impressio Wall Panels.